Celebrating 40 Years of Classical Public Radio


On December 1, 1978, Charlotte’s cultural landscape was transformed with the flip of a switch. Ever since the first electromagnetic waves carrying classical music emerged from the 20,000-watt radio station located in tiny Davidson, North Carolina, fans across the region have been tuning to the steady source of Bach, Beethoven, and other great composers. 40 years later, WDAV is one of the leading classical stations in the country, with more than 135,000 listeners per week. Join us as we celebrate four decades of classical music.


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WDAV's 40th Anniversary Gala

4oth Anniversary Theme

In celebration and commemoration of WDAV’s 40th Anniversary, we are thrilled to have partnered with accomplished composer Dan Locklair to write a series of short pieces for the station. The timeless theme and its many variations will become a regular and identifiable part of our on-air presence.


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